Sunday, October 4, 2009


This is a super-simple project to keep your center-pull yarn cakes from getting all tangled up as you use them. It's also great for tucking your project into a tote, and you can tuck your hook in as well!

Small amount worsted weight yarn
Size H hook

GAUGE: Not can easily add or subtract rows or stitches to get the size you want.
Work in joined rounds.

Chain 4, join with slip stitch.
ROUND 1: Ch 4, (dc, ch 1) in ring 8 times, join to 3rd ch of starting chain.
ROUND 2: Ch 4, [(dc, ch 2, dc) in next space, ch 1] around, join as above.
ROUND 3: Ch 5, (dc in next space, ch 2) around, join as above.
ROUND 4: Ch 5, [(dc in next space, ch 2) 2 times, (dc, ch2, dc) in next space)] around, join as above.
ROUNDs 5-8: Repeat Round 3.
ROUND 9: Ch 3, (sc in next space, ch 2) around, join to 1st chain of starting chain.
ROUND 10: Ch 1, sc in next space, (ch 5, sc in next space) around, join to 1st sc.
Drawstring: Make a chain the desired length, weave through Round 9. tie ends together.



  1. What is a "yarn cake"? Never heard of this before.
    Thanks, Karen

  2. I wouldn't recommend putting your crochet hook in this--it could slip out too easily!