Friday, October 10, 2014

Feather and Fan Top pattern - FREE on Ravelry!

Hello folks-

I just published my very first free garment pattern on go check it out.  Here's my design:

Top-down, in-the-round, seamless...all my favorite characteristics!  And it has a beautiful, classic lacy design and uses less than 700 yards of DK weight yarn for size small!  Did I mention FREE?  If that sounds good to you, go take a look. 

Please note, this IS an intermediate design, and is offered in sizes small to medium only.  It can be enlarged (or made smaller) by changing the gauge of your pattern reps.  Tips are given throughout.

Enjoy! And be sure to drop me a line on Ravelry if you have any questions.


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  2. I love the feather and fan stitch, beautiful design!

  3. So in round six what does it mean by "sc in each stitch until you come to the midpoint of the rep ???? and my second question is the same round six sc between the 6th and 7th stitch of the rep and repeat around